Dr. Ben Carson

Some people consider themselves entitled and live a life of mediocrity. Others overcome great obstacles, take significant risk, and change the world.

Dr. Carson and President George Bush Jr.

Dr. Ben Carson was raised by a Godly woman who, despite her illiteracy and her battle with depression, taught him to choose the road less traveled. By God's grace, he became a world-renowned neurosurgeon, successfully separating numerous conjoined twins in highly publicized cases spanning the globe. His book America the Beautiful and his common sense, conservative vision for our country will inspire you.


Dr. Carson's compelling life story was portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the critically acclaimed movie Gifted Hands.

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Thanks to the bold vision of Southcrest Christian School and the generous Title Sponsorship of Reagor Dykes Auto Group, along with other community leaders and sponsors, you are invited to share "Dessert with Dr. Ben Carson" on Friday, June 28th at 7pm at the Lubbock Civic Center.

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